Sunday, 6 February 2011

A new home...

Ok, so this is me (can you see I'm waving?)

See the background? Do you like it?

Well it's a photograph of my favourite place in the whole world. Whitby, in North Yorkshire. Well this is actually Whitby pier, taken last year when I went home for a week.

One glorious week.

That's all I tend to get these days, a week here and there.

Watching the world go by
See...they say home is where the heart is, and although I live in a beautiful part of the world, North Yorkshire will always be home. Besides..they make the BEST fish & can you not love Yorkshire? ;)

You'll probably see more of my photos around this fact I tried to link this one of mine with its home at RedBubble...but whether it worked or not who knows (well..I suppose you will if you try to click on the photo!). If not, I'm ElviraTSquirrel over brave and go see that I can do!

So what's this all about? Well if you know me you'll know what to expect...anything and everything. I can't promise it'll all be wine and roses, although wine may appear frequently. And I can't promise that it'll all make sense...but who knows. It *may* be an interesting ride.

Anyway..I'm here in a new home. My previous blog is hanging in computer doesn't like the set-up so it looks like I'm here to stay.

I'm off now to drink wine. Now isn't THAT more interesting than reading a blog??


  1. Welcome to Blogger, dear one! Nice to see your wine and humor and Yorkshire here (I really liked Yorkshire, too, when I visited many years ago). I have blogs/sites on Blogger and Wordpress and both work fine so far, although each has its pros and cons. Here on Blogger, my poetry is at
    I shall change my blogroll there to reflect your new blog home.

  2. Loving this new blog and looking forward to reading lots more!