Saturday, 26 February 2011

I felt a bit creative...

Some of you may know that I'm a feltmaker. Well...even though I make felt and sell a few of my scarves every now and then I always hate to label myself as something. I'm better than some and not as good as lets just say I occasionally make felt stuff.

Anyway, today as the sun started to show itself, after I'd wondered what the light actually was, my thoughts turned to feltmaking..and sure enough the postie brought me my International Feltmakers Association journal and this month's Making magazine which just happens to have a little bit of felt in it. Well not actually in it, but you know what I mean.

Sooo. I feel that within the next few weeks I'll be getting busy again...but I need some inspiration first. I have the hankering to do something different. Ok, you can blame the Alexander McQueen documentary "McQueen and I" for that. I loved the way he made something ordinary into something exquisite, and Isabella Blow just "got" it.

So...I thought, why not put up a few pictures here of some little oddities of mine. Two needle felt happenings and a wet felted alien flower thing.

They're a glimpse into what sometimes happens when you're not paying attention and just let the material speak (or could they just be a glimpse into a disturbed mind?)

First it pin-cushion, a tiny sculpture or just a blob?

It's made from a course wool...Corriedale I think and needle felted. I love letting those little ropes of bright colour wind around their target. Size wise it's roughly around the size of a small cupcake and is currently gathering dust on my mantelpiece (with a needle in it)

Next we have our strange alien flower thing...

I started off wet felting a little layered square with a centre layered over a resist of scrunched up aluminium foil and cling-film...the little pocket that results allowed the "petals" to be formed. I have no idea how I ended up with just happened. It's hollow if you look at the back and is about the size of my fist. I did contemplate wearing it as a fascinator in the fashion of dear old Isabella Blow, however I didn't think that the Far North was quite ready for high fashion just yet! Fred....

He's tiny and needlefelted out of some local fleece.

So there you have it...a peek at what I sometimes get up to..which reminds me..I should be at a crafters meeting....ooops!


  1. awwww I am loving Fred, too cute!

    I like the wet-felted creation too - i definitely think that you could do them as fascinators, nice one!

    SG45 x

  2. thanks :)

    Fred is currently on my mantelpiece watching the world go by...the wierd alien flower thing would probably eat your head if you were to wear it!

  3. Loving Fred in particular and just the thought of local fleece from way up there is fascinating to me down here in the USA subtropics. Very cuddly, indeed. And the first one? Pin cushion, definitely. And just as wonderfully quirky as you are, Sara.

  4. Thanks Joanne :) I may have to make a friend for Fred...he's looking lonely x