Monday, 21 February 2011

A Valentine Wedding

(c) MRRD, 2011

This time last week we had all indulged in a fantastic meal at the wedding reception for my little brother and his lovely bride and were seeing them off on their honeymoon. Doesn’t time fly…it hardly seems that long ago, certainly not a week!

After months of preparation and hard work by my Mother, and a few mishaps, the big day arrived. We were sitting in the restaurant the night before, watching the rain bounce heavily off the little island in the lake where happy couples can tie the knot, wondering if the rain was ever going to stop. OK, so the weather people on the telly box had told us that all would be well, but honestly…when all you can see is torrential rain you do tend to think they’d got it wrong again.

But no...they were right (thank GOODNESS). The morning of the wedding arrived to a mild and sunshiny Valentine’s Day.

There had been a few strained moments dear reader, not least when the wedding cake, lovingly prepared by Mother and expertly decorated by little Sister, decided it wanted to learn how to fly. Yes, every wedding preparer’s nightmare came true when the cake went flying on its way to the venue. It definitely was NOT funny at the time, but as it was saved, tasted delicious and was appreciated by all the guests, we can look back now and laugh (admittedly through somewhat gritted teeth).

My task for the day was to video the wedding. Easy peasy you may say…but borrowing darling daughter’s brand new handy-cam never having taken footage of anything before, apart from on my bog standard camera, I have to admit to a few sleepless nights. Would I remember to take off the lens cap? Would I cut off the bride’s head? Would the memory be big enough? (I knew the battery would...I’d bought a super duper whopper for the occasion) Would it tape at all???  There I sat with a perfect view of my brother and his wife-to-be, none of us crying (now there’s a miracle in itself!) trying desperately not to shake the camera. I even managed to get shots of the readers, darling daughter included (who looked very grown up in her beautiful dress). You have NO IDEA how relieved I was when I found out that it had taped. I hadn’t ruined their big day after all!

(c) MRRD, 2011

The meal was wonderful, the wine flowed and there were some rather posh looking cupcakes for the children. Yes….lovingly created by Mother and decorated and packaged by Sister and I. What a team!
Really, the day was just about perfect. The best man’s speech (Father fulfilling the task and looking quite proud) made us laugh, the Bride looked radiant, the food was amazing and everyone had a great time. I also met some new family members and made some new friends (hopefully). The photos here are by darling daughter, who enjoyed herself thoroughly with her cousins, while photographing everything and everyone.

It’s one Valentine’s Day we’re all going to remember…just don’t mention the cake!


  1. Well done, Sara! Definitely anxiety producing, that sort of event. Blessings to all! And glad to have you and your wit back online. Several chuckles in this one.

  2. thanks Joanne :) It was a very memorable little brother all grown up *sniff*

  3. Hee hee every wedding has an interesting talking point, my brothers first wedding was whent the registrar tried to marry me to my brother...
    my own had my brother giving me away and tom had his dad as best man, but they didnt write it that way on the certificate, so according to my bit of paper, I was given away by Harry Peat and Tom was supported by Kurt Walsh. My Dad couldnt stand long enough and didnt want to do it form a wheel chair, and Tom only had his Dad there for him!!! snigger we had fun...
    but where are these daughter pictures? here? FB? Twt?
    lol ruan

  4. the pics on the blog were taken by darling daughter..I'm sure if you go on FB you'll see some more as she's tagged me.

    Your wedding sounds like a laugh...that's what they're for...right?? :)