Monday, 7 February 2011

Home is where??

They say that Home is where the Heart is…the great collective “they”, the people you speak to in the street, or would have done 100 yrs ago when “they” were the collective consciousness of society that everyone spoke to and about. Not the “they” that people ignore these days. In many places it seems that speaking to a stranger is a no go area where you are in danger of being nabbed by the rozzers for being suspicious and / or taken away for being a little bit mad – talk to strangers…oh how very early last century! (unless of course you are speaking to strangers and stalkers on Facebook, Twitter ….or in a blog)

(c) SJD, 2010

So where is home then?

Where I’m sitting right now is home. It’s where I live and where I’ve made a little nest for my family. It’s a highly untidy, messy, cluttered, full of animals and occasional people nest, but still its home. For now. I love my house, but I can’t see myself living here on the edge of the world forever. It’s my home, but it isn’t Home.

I spent a great deal of my life in Aberdeen on the North East coast of Scotland, but that’s not Home. I remember it with fondness as a place I spent my teenage years, where I went to college and where I had some of the best times ever. I also met some of the best people a girl could wish to meet (including the ever suffering hubby). It was home, for a very long time. But it has fallen into the rose tinted past as a former home.

And then there’s the multitude of homes I had as a child. We moved around an awful lot, always in the same geographical area, but no one house from that time is Home. Although I have to admit that the area is home, if home can be 50 square miles of countryside. When I “go home” I know I’m getting near as soon as I pass the Angel of the North, then when I see the Cleveland Hills I know I’m Home. The area stretching from the Hills, over the moors to the sea. That’s Home.

But for me, as I mentioned in my first post, Whitby will always be Home. I wasn’t born there, in fact I lived there for a very small amount of time. My family is there and I suppose that is what matters.

The countryside around Whitby is Home, even though it extends miles around and branches towards the towns I grew up in before the move north.

(c) SJD, 2010

So perhaps Home is a set of conditions and a mind-set. I say I’m going home when I’m out…but when I head off down to Yorkshire I say I’m going Home. When I see Heartbeat on the telly box I get home-sick but when I’m in Yorkshire and about to start the long drive north…I’m going home.

Things must have been so much clearer in the dim and distant past when people stayed in the same village all their life.

Where is your Home?


  1. awww this is a lovely, lovely post! Home is so important. To be honest, and this sounds very fluffy, home is currently wherever my husband is. When I'm with him, I feel like I've come home. Technically though, London is my home town and I will *always* be a Londoner and think that london is - and always should be - the centre of the universe! I'm not biased....much

    PS I've always wanted to go to Whitby x

  2. aaw you MUST go to Whitby, it is the best place! (not that IM biased or anything!)

    I think you've nailed it on the head there...Home is wherever you heart lies :)

    And I havent been to London in over 10 years. I must rectify that.

  3. I love london and lived 4 very full and amazing years there and married a londoner, I was born in newport in the island and spent my earliest years there and remember trips back with much fondness, I grew up in devon, school, teen years, and dreamed from devon. I have lived in caithness in this house since 1992 and this is my home, I love devon and adore london, but my family is here, and while I long for warm sunny devon evenings, I dont miss the tourists and bank holidays. I wish I could get to my family more often, or they were closer, but if they loved in caithness I wouldnt even miss them...
    I think home is were you see yourself in your dreams, when you shut your eyes and drift, where are you? that is home!
    lol ruan

  4. Yes, what I consider to be my home town is where my parents settled last :-)

  5. hehehe that case home is a tropical island with a free bar and fluffy towels :)

  6. Fabulous post, my dear! And it appeals a lot to me since my ever-moving childhood made me ask the same questions over and over again.
    And moving abroad hasn´t made it any easier answering the question where my home is :-).

    I found an rather unsatisfying, temporary answer in being "North-European", but who knows, maybe I end up in Italy or somewhere else.


  7. hiya stranger :)
    Now Italy..I can see that being a wonderful place to call home.

    Us nomads have a hard time with the concept I think!

  8. Home is Cullen although i have lived here in aberdeen longer than up there. Met some right dodgy peeps here in aberdeen though. Like your delightful hubby lol