Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding...

Hurrah…they’ve done it. William and Kate are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, all grown up and married-like.

The television has been on since eight this morning…I’m a sucker for Pomp and Ceremony, so there I sat with my little Union Flag, my cup of Tetley and my cucumber sandwiches (crusts off naturally). My favourite bit of a Royal “do” is frock watching…who’s stylish, who’s tried too hard, and who looks like they should fire their stylist. Unfortunately today it’s the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice who fall into the latter category. Who ever stood in front of them and said they had made the right choice should be sent to the dog-house. Bless them, they obviously have Fashion Dysmorphia too, but they should also have honest friends and family members to guide them.

I thought Camilla looked lovely, as did the Mother of the Bride. I just can’t help but feel that the ceremony had a big elephant in the room… “you know who” who was absent. Still, the show must go on. Madge looked fabulous in yellow I thought, rocking the block colour theme of the season and Philip behaved himself.


I was disappointed though by Samantha Cameron, hatless among a sea of wedding goers. Again, perhaps, a case of throwing David in the dog-house for forgetting Court etiquette.

But Kate looked amazing. I am SO glad that it was a McQueen dress…even if the great man himself wasn’t around to see it. Sarah Burton will now be the most courted designer in the land, and will no doubt see her career go from strength to strength. The Grace Kelly inspired frock deserves a standing ovation – simple, yet stylish making sure the Bride was the centre of attention for all the right reasons. I thought a couple of times that William was going to burst out into fits of giggles, but he held himself together very well. And the bridesmaids and pageboys…well, too sweet for words.

I think the real stars of the day though were Harry and Pippa. He was obviously nervous and looked a little swamped in his dress uniform, but incredibly handsome, and Pippa looked gorgeous in her dress (even if I did want to scream “EAT” at the tv). They both carried out their roles immaculately and I think they should be rightly proud of the part they played. I think they’ll be letting their hair down a LOT tonight!

So the balcony kiss happened not once, but twice. The crowds have dispersed to carry on the festivities at locations around the Capital and soon there will be a few right Royal knees-ups going on. I didn’t bake any cakes or prepare a special lunch – hubby was working and darling daughter had to go to school. A Big BOO HISS to the local council, and the High School Head who didn’t get into the celebratory vibe and allow the kids a day off (or even the chance to celebrate)…when the happy couple were tying the knot, my daughter was learning fractions.

Tonight I’ll raise a glass to the Happy Couple and wish them a very happy and long life together. The country may be full of old cynics, but hopefully this wedding has also fired a bit of good old-fashioned British pride!

In the interests of copyright I havent copied any photos of the big day...but pop along to the British Monarchy's Flikr site here for some fab photos...and also images of Eugenie & Beatrice's outfits!


  1. Thanks so much for the Northern perspective. That local council are party-poopers, and hubby's employer as well. I'm all for the four-day weekend. Just saw the actual bit with the vows in it this morning but haven't had time to view the rest (recorded from CNN and waiting for me). Agree with you so much on Kate's dress. Huge improvement over the nonsense thing they put poor Diana in back in the year I got married first time. To the Royal Couple!

  2. The fun bit is trying to lipread what the guests are saying...esp. Prince Philip :)

  3. Dear Sage, I agree with everything you've said here. I had a lovely day watching it with friends. Eugenie definitely should sack the stylist. I thought Beatrice's Valentino coat was good but the hat did rather overpower it. It was a bold look, channeling Isabella Blow I thought.

    Apologies it's taken me so long to visit, it's getting late now but I will be back to catch up with you xx

  4. Hi Christina :)

    Beatrice was certainly bold, and yes I can see Isabella in that hat (there's one feisty lady who's greatly missed), but I think where it probably let her down was that the only colour breaking up the outfit was her eye make-up. If there had been another colour or shade in the mix perhaps it wouldnt have been such a fright (or perhaps a friend withh eye-makeup remover?). The coat was gorgeous.

    Glad you enjoyed the day,

    S xx