Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I missed them...again

I missed them! HOW could I miss them???

Who? The surfers of course!

Every year around the 2nd week in April the O’Neill Coldwater Classic descends on Thurso. Its been happening for a good few years now, and every year I tell myself I will go and sit by the shore to watch the surfers…and every year I manage to only watch them streaming live on my computer. For Heaven’s Sake… if I take my binoculars to the front window I can see them from my living room!

Go visit the website, HERE!

This year was going to be different…this year the weather was fine, the surf was fine and I had no work on. Did I get there? Nope.

I spoke to the O’Neill guys on twitter ( @ONeillCWC ) so I had no excuse not to go…I knew where they’d be. Heck…if you wander around town when the surf dudes are here you can easily find out when the next heat is, and where.  Darling daughter and her friends wanted to go and watch “the hot surfers” (excuse ME, since when did thirteen year olds find dudes HOT?), so knowing that they are actually just at the giggly “he’s cute” stage I agreed to take them to Thurso East to see the competition and thought I’d secrete myself somewhere nearby (on hand taxi person and keeping a sly eye out for them). It rained.

That was that…we never managed to get those two miles to the beach.

So….now I have to wait until next year. Again. Next year I WILL go and see the Coldwater Classic, I WILL marvel at the skill of the surfers and I WILL get down to the beach.

Until then….here’s a video of the finals.

Visit the Coldwater Classic Thurso page here: http://www.oneill.com/cwc/Scotland.html

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