Friday, 6 April 2012

ey up, she's back again

oooooh I kinda left the blog for a while.

T'was a sad situation....lovely summer holiday, then came back to a mega flooded spare room...seems that as we shut the door to head down south the last person to pee may have started a chain reaction. (well come on...whats the last thing you do before heading on a loooooong journey?) Something happened to the water tank....may have been a hole, most likely was a stop cock not stopping. Anyhoo, whatever happened it ended with water pouring through the ceiling, onto my lovely comfy bed, through the divan, onto the floor and then just stagnated and covered the room in mould. Lovely.

A friend who came to check on the house didnt notice it....the spare room door was closed. Not her fault, we're still friends.

Unfortunately its was the room that housed a lot of our books, keepsakes, musical instruments....and at least four double duvets, copious pillows and bedding thanks to a sleepover that I hadnt cleared up after before we went on our jollies.

Ho hum....lets just say that the last six months have been a bit hellish. When the insurance was *finally* over there was building work (whole room re-dec plus a new ceiling after the place had been dried out thanks to weeks n weeks of a dehumidifier) followed by trying not to think of what was ruined while trying to replace it all.

Then.....just up in the loft checking on the progress the hot water tank was spotted sitting in a pool of water. That needed replacing but thank Goodness we caught it in time.

All should be back to normal now....but those little noises in the middle of the night (and day) still freak me out. I keep imagining water trickling.

Like they never rains but it pours.

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