Monday, 29 August 2011

Cafe life

It's been ages since I last posted.

There was the usual school summer holiday fun, then a trip back home...then a return to a water burst and a ruined spare room. I won't go into details, it's not the nicest of things to read about, so instead I will start off with the blog posting that I thought about as I sat in a local cafe eating a toastie.

When I was in North Yorkshire I managed to get to the best cafe in the county - Java in Whitby. If you have never been, go there (it's at the bottom of Flowergate) have a coffee and a toffee danish. Or lunch from a brilliant menu. You will not regret it. You'll probably see my Mum and sister there....I think they should have a reserved table!

I forgot to take a photo so here's an old one from, click on the picture to take you to a page about this fabulous cafe

I was sitting in a local cafe in Pickering when I thought about this blog entry. We went for the day and decided to look for somewhere to eat. There are a few places on the main road, but just off the beaten track on Burgate, is a family run (at least I think it is) cafe called Poppies. It's small, it's slightly old fashioned and the menu isn't massive...but the food is prepared fresh and is delicious. They also cater for Gluten free diets. Why go to a generic eatery when there is somewhere simple but welcoming? We were the only people in there, so of course I was a bit wary, but as people popped in and out it seems that this is a place the locals know about and seems to be off the tourist radar. I'd recommend giving it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised. For the record I had a stilton and pear toastie...I must try making one of those at home.

Poppies Tea Room, Pickering

The last place we went to was back over the border in Stirling. An Italian restaurant/coffee house has just opened up in the old arcade in town. Once this was a bustling area, but now it seems quiet and only on the agenda if you are visiting one of the shops. Well, here is your chance..I missed the opening of a vintage shop there, but the cafe Cibo E Vino is a brilliant little place, run it seems by three young lads. The food is fresh, the banter is good but respectful and the prices are reasonable. They have a small menu, and although they were only open for breakfast and lunch when we were there, they should have their alcohol license by now and be open on an evening. They also have a take-away option too I think. Put it like this, we went twice, once for lunch and once for breakfast....darling daughter liked both and said the lunchtime pasta was the best she'd ever tasted and SHE made us go for breakfast!

The lunchtime pasta that she insisted on photographing..that was even better than mine!

So, there are three lovely little places. Do you have any places you like to eat that deserve a mention?
I like going to local businesses rather than national chains, let's keep people with a passion in business!

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