Friday, 17 June 2011

deary deary me...

I've been very remiss....two weeks have gone by without a blog post, basically because of an unusual occurrence...two weeks work... together. Ahh the life of a freelancer, this at the moment isn't happening very often, so when it the work comes in things do go kind of haywire.

But while I've been working I've been wondering what to blog see my work at the moment will send you all to sleep. So, instead I'm going to blog about Blip. Yes, my dear friends BugJemm and Life's Rich Tapestry (names hidden to protect the innocent), managed to drag me kicking and screaming over to Blipfoto nearly a month ago. I was very dubious, I subscribe to so many things I didn't need another place to visit, but they did tempt me with wild stories and chocolate (ok, that's a lie but if we lived nearer I know they would).

The idea is to post a picture a day, a week, or whenever you like. Its like a journal, your life told in pictures. See, there's another sticking point...I try to keep a diary every year, last around a month and then get bored. Once a week is about it for me, which is why I like the occasional blog. But, and here's the big but (no, not the American type, that has two Ts)...I do love my photography. Im not a brilliant photographer but I do enjoy taking lots of pictures. I have been taking lots of photos of clouds and stones and lichen recently for my photoshopping, but they dont make particularly rivetting pictures.

The upshot is...I have managed to post a picture a day for the last 30 days. I'm enjoying it immensely..I love carrying my camera around and wondering what I can capture next. In short. Im hooked. are a few photos from my week I'll try to blog something interesting :)


Orkney Ferry

Shoo Fly


All photos on this blog (c) SJ Donaldson.

Pop along to my Blip to see more here or click on all the links in this blog. Go see the blogs of Those Who Will Not Be Named or pop along to Blip photo's main page and join up yourself :)

Note: I cannot be held responsible for any new addictions (although this one is actually fun).


  1. Thanks, Sara. Nice pics, too. I think this addiction should be a keeper for you. Busy-ness in freelance indexing seems to be picking up over here after a very slow start to the first half of the year. Will send some busyness your way, but hopefully not enough to keep you from Blip and Blogging. Like the shoo fly and hut pics best of this lot.

    PS Please send rain.

  2. Hi Joanne :)
    I've had an unusually busy patch, which is good.
    I'll send the rain..we've had enough here!
    Glad you like the pics..the hover fly just happened to be kind and set himself down for me long enough to take the pic. If you go over to Blip you can see it bigger..his colours are amazing :)