Thursday, 19 May 2011

It's been raining...

Ok, so this not the most exciting thing in the world, but up here “on the Edge” its been raining on and off for a few weeks. We get some lovely rainbows but the rain is never off long enough to let the sun shine through and do his thing of drying the ground off nicely. While this isn’t unusual in Caithness, at this time of the year it is a bit of a pain. You see, as a result, I haven’t managed to get out and mow the lawn…..yes ladies and gentle-beans…we now have a jungle in the Far North.

yes, this really is part of my garden!

As a matter of fact, our “lawn” is so high the EBC (that’s Evil Black Cat) has been using it for stalking practice. One minute she’s there, the next she’s gone….until she tries to move stealthily through the undergrowth, finds she can’t and ends up jumping to try to get through the long grass. She startled one of our daft collies the other day….he *knew* something was there but couldn’t see what it was…until she jumped out at him. Comical, and I wish I’d had my camera...£200 would be winging my way from “You’ve been Framed”.

I knew that something had to be done about the grass when, amongst all the usual junk mail, I found a forlorn home-made “business card” (tiny piece of business-card sized printed matter on a piece of paper…v. professional!) offering specialist grass-cutting services. And here’s me thinking that our hedge shielded the mess from the outside world!

While there is a lot of grass there are a few pretty flowers

So today there was a break in the rain and hubby and I broke the lawn-mower out of the garage. The poor thing needed a good dose of WD40 to get it moving and she did try admirably to cope with two-foot high grass and creeping buttercup (the bane of my existence in the garden), but we only managed to make two paths through.

Sod it…if anyone asks, until the weather gets better, I’m cultivating a wild-flower meadow


  1. Wonderful! And, yes, sod it until it dried out first, at least for a bit. Poor lawnmower hasn't a chance against that.

  2. she did try :) As soon as its dry I *will* get it done

  3. I feel for you. I'm looking out onto my foot long grass thinking I have to sort it out. I only cut it about a month ago. Where do you live? xx

  4. I managed to get it cut yesterday....strimmed..took me two hours! Argh :)