Thursday, 12 May 2011

Doesn't time fly!

I had a thought this morning...ok, I know...that's unusual!

Anyway....I've spent the last few days playing with Photoshop Elements, a trial version that I am actually going to fork out for once the trial has finished (oh how I wish I could afford the full Photoshop creative suit with Illustrator!). I usually use The Gimp for editing my fractals (did you know I do fractals?) and photos. Now Gimp is free and lovely, but opening up Photoshop was like using my Ultra Fractal program and Gimp put together. OK, so I can't create fractals on it, but its moved on since the PS version I owned way back when, and I just love playing with it. So much so that I had a horrible realisation.

If fractal programs and Photoshop had existed when I was at school, I might have actually got up the gumption to go to art school!

"Split", one of my fractals from last year.

It's the one thing Ive regretted. I'm crap at drawing, but my batik for my Higher Project was apparently brilliant (no false modesty here), it was a complicated design of a cobra sitting on a pile of coins in grassland...unfortunately it "went missing" at school when it went off to be assessed and I never got it back. Now, if I had bumped my backside into gear I may have made a portfolio way back then, but I wanted to do archaeology, didn't get one of my highers and ended up with second best. Typical bloody teenager!

All those years ago (my GOD I sound ancient) there were no home computer graphics programs, and even if there were it wouldnt have been seen as art...lets admit it, a lot of people still don't think digital art is art that has time, energy and passion put into it. But now...if I was a teenager now I'd probably do a digital arts course in a bonfide art school and get my degree (if I was good enough, there are some brilliant digital artists out there!). As it is I play at making fractals and photomanipulation artwork, but the play is becoming more serious. Yesterday I even went in for a t-shirt design competition.

So what is all this waffle for? Well no reason, apart from it struck me like a twenty years we've gone from digital art being only for the likes of moviemakers and special effects folk, to being able to knock up a digital piece of art at home on a home computer. A computer that twenty years ago was unheard of in a domestic setting.

"No Escape", one I did a few days ago 

Bloody hell I feel ancient! So much has happened in the last twenty years..I blame alien technology ;)

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